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Corporate Intelligence

Company’s executives should not in future only concentrate on their services, customers, products, future plans and legislation, but should also concentrate on liability and the security and protection of the business network environment. A business critical aspect of any business is to know at any point in time what is happening on the network environment. Executives merely rely on their network administrators or Chief Information Officers for this information which is not always available in a real time environment.

SecAudi specialize in the development and implementation of security solutions and processes for small, medium and corporate enterprises, to make network information available in real-time. We offer the following IT Intelligence services;

  • Analysis of network environment
  • Identify and planning of secure segmentation of business critical servers
  • Identify and planning of secure segmentation of business critical workstations
  • Identify and planning of secure segmentation of critical network devices
  • Planning of solution Implementation
  • Implementation of the real time business Intelligence solutions
  • Management information
  • IT Business Intelligence information
  • Maximum Network security
  • Training of Executives to access and generate own reports

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